“A Statue for Spike? What a lovely idea”

Spike Milligan, author, poet, comedian, and creator of the famous ‘Goon Show’ lived in Woodside Park, Finchley from 1955 to 1974. He loved and cared for his surroundings, both natural and man-made. The often quaint architecture of this part of London attracted him, and he wrote many a letter in its defence. When a local amenity group, The Finchley Society, was set up in 1971 he was one of the first to join and became its President, and later its Patron. A group of his friends and family have combined with The Finchley Society to raise funds for the creation of a bronze statue at Avenue House in East End Road. This was a building that Spike often visited and greatly admired, and where he used to preside over the Finchley Society’s Annual General Meetings.

The statue will show Spike sitting on a bench and turning as if to speak to an imaginary person sharing the bench with him. Many people, young and old, will come to have their photo taken in this unique setting.




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